Voter file

Data wins elections. That's why we offer you a database of every registered voter in your district, along with a major source of intelligence about voter habits and preferences.

 But it's a lot more than that. If you think of Votebuilder as the "brains" of your campaign, the voter file tools are the part of the brain that works with voters, giving your campaign the ability to:

  • Target voters in your district by party affiliation, age, gender, ethnicity, voting history, modeling, and more
  • Create lists and scripts for phone banks, including Virtual Phone Banks for volunteers who can't make it into your headquarters
  • Cut turf using Votebuilder's easy “click-to-cut” tool and generate walk sheets for your canvasses
  • Run voter ID programs to find where your support is strongest and where it needs the most help
  • Run persuasion programs to nudge the leaners your way
  • Continually filter out the people you don't need to talk to as you go