DPO Data Services 2012 Cycle Pricing

DPO Data offers email & web services to candidate committees of Oregon Democrats in good standing with the party, for partisan and non-partisan races.

voter file

Pricing is very competitive for Democratic candidates in good standing with the Party. Voter file fees are on a sliding scale based on the "size" of your race, may be waived or prepaid for many races. Get in touch and we'll get you the details.

Email blasting

Pricing is based on list size, and includes unlimited sending with no per-email charges. Includes free training and technical support. There╩╝s no setup fee for email blasting.

Monthly fee List Size
$10 Up to 2,000 addresses
$20 Up to 5,000 addresses
$40 Up to 10,000 addresses
$80 Up to 20,000 addresses

Web services & Supporter file

Monthly hosting fees include maintenance (we keep your website up & running), free training and technical support, and a website that a reasonably web-savvy person can maintain. Ongoing content creation requests can be accommodated at $50/hour. See our showcase of websites.

CiviCRM is a volunteer database that integrates with your website.

Website build (one-time) Website hosting CiviCRM (optional)
$75/hour, minimum $600 $60/month $20/month

Have questions, or want to learn more? Contact Andrew Gorry, Marketing & Web Services, at andrew@dpo.org or (503) 239-8634.