Custom website

We build and maintain the site and give you direct access to create and edit content. We get the technical stuff out of your way and let you work.

We use the Drupal 6 open source content management system to create a custom platform for your site. Drupal 6 is a mature, powerful, stable system used by everyone from Portland State University to The White House. Training clients on the system takes less than an hour.

Our hosted website solution lets you:

  • Show an event calendar with integrated Google Maps
  • Take donations with a custom-designed page (in association with C&E Systems) or a link to ActBlue or any other donation service
  • List your press releases with automatic standardized formatting—you just fill in the form and the system makes it look nice
  • Create pages and news stories with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor
  • Get social with Facebook & Twitter widgets
  • Have us design it for you or bring your own design

See examples of hosted campaign websites in our Showcase.